I had a Samuel L Jackson moment this week at Toastmasters. #AST9872 #AddisonSinglesToastmasters

Shortly before our meeting, I sat down and was preparing my role for the night when one member of the club addressed me as “George” three times. The first time around, I didn’t hear him. The second time around, I looked around the room for our VP of Membership, George, where he was nowhere to be found.

The third time around, I said unto him, “There is no George here!” Then I further snapped at him with, “Do we all look alike to you? Really? Really??” I avoided him for the rest of the evening.

This pot-bellied buffoon who claims to be a member of 10+ different clubs in the Metroplex is a Toastmasters junkie who can’t get other peoples’ names and faces right. “You literally have too much on your plate, pal.” How insulting! What a socially awkward moment!

Do all us Asians really look alike to you? What a crock! George and I do NOT look anything alike. George is from Mississippi. I am the other Asian from Ohio. Where does he get off thinking that we do? What he did was UN-acceptable, and I do believe an apology is in order. (: (:

Addison Singles Toastmasters meets every Wednesday night at la Madeleine Country French Cafe

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