Hello Everyone.

My name is Guido Andrada. I am presently a high school math teacher at one of the charter schools in Florida. I teach Algebra and Pre-calculus classes. I have been teaching in the US for almost thirteen years now.a teacher. With bills to pay, apartment rent, credit card loans, car loan and many others to keep up the life in United States as teacher salary cannot provide a family of four children with their mom staying at home to take care of them.

So as a father with a dream to give a good life for his family, I work hard and wear three hats. After school hours I am a tutor for mathematics from elementary level to high school and even to college level math courses. I worked in a non-profit organization which serves students who have been struggling due to long days of absence in the class. I found out that these kids were absent because they are taking care of members of their families at home because they cannot afford to put their sick family to be in some kind of nursing home or assisted living. As a tutor I managed my own time and scheduled my own tutoring session even until 9:00 pm to make more hours.

Then, on Fridays after school I drive two hours to another work in a senior living facility as night shift guard. My job is to make sure no senior people are going astray or escape from the building at night. I work there for two nights every Friday and Saturday night. I cannot go home because of the distance to travel back and forth so I do not see my family until I come home Sunday. I get off work at 7:00 am Sunday and drive back to see my family at church at 9:00 am. It’s after church where we truly hang out with each other. Basically half of the day. For the past three years I